Cheating Spouse…Prove It!

Having been the cheater and the one cheated on, I am no stranger to the emotional roller coaster that infidelity can bring. One of the best tools at your disposal is an infidelity DNA test.

Here are some clues that you need an infidelity DNA test:

1. Your spouse spends a lot of time texting. No to say this always leads to a cheating spouse but you have to be concerned when they protect their phone like they have something to hide. In an open and honest relationship a couple should be able to exchange phones at any given moment and not feel threatened. If they give you some BS excuse why you can’t use their phone there is a 99% chance they are having an affair or planning your surprise party (the other 1%).

2. You find some unusual stains in her clothing. If I had dime for every pair of stained underwear I’ve tested….. Not all stains are semen or evidence of infidelity. A husband that suspects his wife of cheating because he finds a whitish stain in her underwear likely has his own stains in his underwear. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s natural for us all to make stains and the evidence alone does not prove infidelity.

3. It’s human nature to think other people are attractive. It’s cheating when you act on that attraction. Usually, there is unaccounted for blocks of time that point to cheating. She tells you she’s going to the store and it should only take 10 minutes. She returns 30 minutes later. Could be completely innocent but if it happens a couple times a week you may want to invite yourself along one time and see if she gets aggravated or gives some BS excuse why you need to stay home.

There are many reasons and ways that make us suspicious in our relationships. No matter the reason I would strongly suggest an infidelity DNA test to get absolute proof before you say or do something you will regret.

People say relationships are built on trust but what is trust built on? I think it’s built on evidence. This evidence can be the way you spouse treats you, talks to you, shares with you, hides things from you , lies to you, etc. And then their is DNA evidence.

If you want conclusive proof using biological evidence, you need a DNA test. We can check for male DNA, female DNA, or a mixture of DNA. Bottom line is, you deserve the truth! Only thing that will get you there is either a spouse that comes clean under the pressure of their own guilt about all the lies they’ve been telling you or conclusive proof through infidelity DNA testing.

I’m ready for an Infidelity DNA test

The Truth Will Set You Free

Well…If you are the bio-dad the truth might put you on the hook.

You will be financially responsible that is and isn’t that okay? After all, you are the biological father!

As a paternity expert having tested well over 100,000 cases in the last 20 years I’ve heard all the games people try to play. Trying to lie to me, their family, friends. Sometimes the lies go on and on and on. Fortunately, a DNA paternity test has nothing to do with the lies that are told or the secrets that are trying to be kept. The paternity test only deals with fact. It cuts right through all the BS!

It is amazing to me how many stories I’ve heard where the secret of the paternity of a child has persisted for decades. Who got protected by keeping that secret? The child? The truth is the truth and most of all the child deserves to live with the truth about who his/her father is. Even if you never find the biological father or get a DNA test, doesn’t your child deserve the respect not to be lied to for a lifetime. They grow up and look in the mirror one day and say “I don’t look anything like my dad” and subconsciously they begin to doubt family relationships. Eventually, they come to the conclusion that they were lied to by the person who is supposed to protect them and love them unconditionally. They begin to wonder who else in the family helped to keep this dirty little secret called my life. I have literally had to advise a 70 year old “child” in a case on how to swab their 93 year old father just after he died because his mother took the secret to her grave. Thanks for caring! (sarcasm)

Anytime in a child’s life is the right time to tell them the truth about their family, or lack there of. Trust me, they can handle it. In fact, they will respect you more because you told them the truth and the truth might be that you just don’t know who the father is.

Luckily, we live in a time where a paternity test is possible and affordable.

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