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Paternity Experts is a provider of DNA testing solutions. We have assembled the world’s most renowned experts because we know how important DNA testing can be  for you.

Our mission is simple, provide you with expert knowledge in easy language. Answer the question of paternity for you and give you piece in your life. We can make it technical but prefer to make it easy for you.

Please take time with our website and we hope we can provide you with a DNA test and answer the most important question in your life.

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  1. Will DNA testing provide a conclusive answer in determining if the first born sister in family is a full sibling. Mother, father and all male siblings are deceased. One brother has a son, but not sure his Y chromosome can be helpful. Four remaining siblings, all female, are available for comparison testing. The eldest sister (first born) has the same mother as the other 7 siblings, but the father is in question. This has no legal implications. The family would like to put a rumor to rest and the eldest sister concurs.

    Gabriel Lauro
    Telephone: 714-288-2719

    1. Gabriel, Thanks for the inquiry. The best course is to test the sibling in question and one other sibling first. The comparison will determine how likely the two are to be full or half siblings and is $299. The range of results you can expect are 99.99%-80.00% full sibling – 79.99%-50% (inconclusive for full sibling) – 50%-79.99% (inconclusive for half sibling) – 80.00%-99.99% Half sibling. Most cases result in a conclusive result however there is a possibility that the two compared will fall within the inconclusive ranges mentioned but that possibility is small because we test more than double the number of markers than what is standard. Our 44 marker test is the best possible sibling test available. In the event this comparison does produce an inconclusive result, you can add the next sibling and try again. Here is the link to our product page for sibling testing when you’re ready

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