Buying a Paternity Test

What you should know

Legal or Non-Legal Testing

This is your decision. Most cases are performed as non-legal because people just want to know the truth. Non-legal testing is easier and less expensive. Mainly because you can collect your own samples in the privacy of your own home and we don’t have to hire a collector. Many people also choose the non-legal route before they get a lawyer involved just to see if its worth going that direction. There is no difference between actual DNA test or the process taken by our lab in testing your DNA. The difference is in the collection of your samples.

If you find yourself needing a legal DNA test, we schedule a collection at a site near your location. The collector will check identification, take pictures and have you sign documents that stay with the lab. This official treatment is what makes it a legal DNA test. We provide the report to you or whatever official you want. Again, same DNA test as the non-legal but with all the necessary paperwork to make it legal.

A non-legal test cannot be made legal later. So if you choose the non-legal route and then need a legal test you will have to start over.


The laboratory we use is accredited by AABB. This is important because AABB, formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks is the only accrediting agency in the the United States.

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