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Immigration DNA Testing: What’s this all about?

DNA testing for immigration is quickly becoming an important tool of the US government. We send DNA collection kits to embassies all over the world. So here are a few things you need to know about immigration DNA testing.

DNA testing for immigration is no different than testing for relationships in legal matters. Namely, all samples must be collected by an independent third party and can never be in the possession of the person to be tested. When all participants in the test are in the US, we hire a local company to perform the collection by an appointment that we set. When participants are in another county we send the DNA collection kit directly to the embassy. The embassy hires a collector and schedules the appointment.

All immigration DNA testing must be performed by an AABB accredited lab. This is important because your results will not be accepted unless the lab is on the AABB list. What you need to know though is that while the lab might be in your state its unlikely you will go to the lab for your collection. It is more likely you will go to a collection site hired by the lab that is within 30 miles of where you live. Our lab is in Pennsylvania but we schedule collections all over the country.

If you have begun the immigration process and are wondering if you should get a DNA test just in case they ask for one, think again. Your contact at the embassy will give you a “Request for Evidence” advising that DNA testing might help your case. We always recommend you wait for this request. If they never ask you for DNA testing evidence you might spend hundreds of dollars unnecessarily.

The lab only takes a few days to get your official report back to the embassy. If you’ve been requested to get DNA testing you are at the mercy of the embassy to schedule your DNA collection and get the kit back to the lab. The shipping and collection will take longer than the analysis.

These are just a few of the points involved in DNA testing for immigration. Just be glad that when the embassy has asked you for DNA testing to prove a relationship, your long journey is getting close to the end.

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