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Paternity DNA Testing: Not graded but might be the most important test you ever take!

Inevitably the conversation about what I do for a living makes people say “like the Maury Povich show!”. I don’t get offended by this but maybe I should, its just that I’ve heard it a million times and I realize that the person saying it has not fielded the thousands of phone calls and emails like I have. They haven’t had to listen to grown men burst into tears when they find out the child is theirs or not theirs. My reply about Maury is typically something like this “We help people to know the truth about one of the most important questions in their lives. It doesn’t just affect the father, it affects the child, grandparents, and the mother. The lingering question of paternity can put so much stress on a relationship and those involved that it chips away at all involved.” Usually the person who said “like Maury” regrets ever mentioning it and I hope they get it. A DNA paternity test is not a joke it is a solution that can change lives.

A DNA paternity test these days is a simple thing with tons of scientific data, accuracy, and privacy. A paternity test is inexpensive and quick. I have been selling DNA tests for many years and have seen the technology get better and the price get cheaper. DNA testing is convenient. If you don’t need it for court you can make your own collection kit with Q-tips and envelopes right after you read this and have an answer in days. Seriously, it is that simple.

So who is ordering the tests. Obviously one of the parents typically but many grandparents get involved. Maybe its their wisdom kicking in and they see the importance to get an answer. The need for the child to grow up and know definitively who their father is.

We’ve all taken tests in school or to get a driver’s license but this test, this DNA paternity test is likely the most important test you’ll ever take because it will affect your family, not just now but long into your future and you might not like the results but its the truth.

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